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Hourly Rate

The rate for all professional services is $450 per hour. Advance payment is not necessary. A signed mediation or arbitration agreement is required. Per diem or other flat fee arrangements will be considered upon request. Either full or half day mediations are gladly scheduled.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the office remains closed until further notice, and all matters are being conducted by Zoom video conference, with appropriate confidential protocols in place.  We have found that the Zoom format works very well and also saves on travel time for both the neutral and the parties.  Once the present lockdowns are over, we intend to resume both Zoom and in-person mediations and arbitrations in the Truckee and Reno offices where the facilities have plenty of caucus and conferencing rooms.   


In the event travel is required to conduct a mediation or arbitration outside of the Truckee/Tahoe/Reno region, fees for travel are generally not incurred. Mileage costs may apply.

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